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Ancient Reptiles

The Gallery of Ancient Reptiles presents the landscape of more than 200 million years ago to the audience and demonstrates the complicated process in which the vertebrates moved from the oceans to the lands, the representative animals being the crossopterygii, the ichthyostega, the caecilian, and the Dimetrodon. At the center of the exhibition hall are the life-like dinosaur skeleton groups, such as the first dinosaur found in China- Lufengosaurus huenei, the 26-meter-long Mamenchisaurus Jingyanebsis, the dominant Tyrannosaurus rex, small and slim Deinonychus, the Tuojiangosaurus which had lancet plates cover its back, the commanding Yangchuanosaurus, the pterosaurs which has long wings, and the ichthyosaurs which dominated the oceans. The multimedia equipments allow viewers to look at the original burial status of the dinosaurs and, through the fossil search engines, to feel the fun and hardships in excavating dinosaur fossils like the paleontologists, and to understand the geological transformations the Earth has undergone from oceans to lands.

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